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Laugh At Waterworld, Will You?

Waterworld There's a photo of a smashed box for Waterworld for the Nintendo Virtual Boy going around the Internet today, and every article I've seen that's picked it up are all having a good laugh at its expense.  "Terrible game based on a terrible movie for a terrible system, haha!"  I'm not going to praise Waterworld, but I will tell you that this game is having the last laugh.  Have you been to eBay lately?  It's fetching between $60 and $65 as of this moment, and that's not out of the ordinary.  As a Virtual Boy collector, I've been sporadically trailing this game for years.  It's one of two that I need to complete my North American release collection (the other is 3D Tetris), but I'm not opening my wallet that much for what is, yes, a terrible game based on a terrible movie.