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Zii Sports Makes A Comeback On The Simpsons

Funtendozii Remember a few months ago when The Simpsons took a playful poke at the Nintendo Wii with the "Funtendo Zii"?  Well, the Springfield version of everyone's favorite motion-controlled gaming wonder turned up again on the show as part of last night's new episode, "The Squirt and the Whale".  When Homer decides to buy a windmill to generate the family's power needs, he takes their house off the grid and relies purely on wind to keep their home lit.  This works until a day without wind plunges the house into darkness.  Homer declares that from now on, "the Simpsons will live intermittently!", leading to the occasional power blackout.  Here's a montage of power outages, one of which involves Bart and Lisa enjoying a round of tennis in Zii Sports. Take note of what's happening on the Zii Sports game itself when the remote fight breaks out.