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What The BEEP Is That? #6 At Kombo

What The BEEP Is That? Are you ready for another installment of "What The BEEP Is That?" over at Kombo?  This week's feature focuses on the sound of pausing a game.  Bringing events to a momentary halt is usually heralded with a little sound cue of some sort, and if you can guess some or all of the eight mystery effects then you have a crack at winning Tecmo Bowl Throwback for the Microsoft Xbox 360.  Some of this week's effects are a little too easy in my opinion (and it was a pain writing clues that didn't give away the answer outright), but the final challenge is a bit of a trick question.  See, it's not from one specific game.  A certain publisher made a habit of using the same pause sound effect across many of its games during the 16-bit era.  There's no extra credit for naming them all, but we'll be suitably impressed if you manage to do it.