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Virtual Boy TV If you enjoy playing choice selections from Nintendo's Virtual Boy library but don't care for the inevitable eye strain that comes with marathon sessions of Virtual Boy Wario Land or Teleroboxer, then you may want to invest $50,000 or so in an ultra-rare device.  Remember all of those Virtual Boy screenshots in gaming magazines back in 1995?  They didn't come from pointing a tiny camera at the VB's little screens.  They came from Virtual Boy TV, a gizmo that connects to a television and allows for playing games and capturing images without the need to burn your retinas or resort to voodoo.  Here's some commentary from Tiny Cartridge:

This Wide Boy-like device, designed by beloved Nintendo second party Intelligent Systems, allowed developers to test games on a television. The regular Virtual Boy is uncomfortable enough for me — I’d rather not have to strap one of these and a television to my face.

It would be an interesting acquisition, but I hardly ever play my actual Virtual Boy.  I can't see myself spending tens of thousands of dollars for a system I'd probably use even less, plus it only works on PAL TVs.  But hey, free shipping!