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Two New Arkham Asylum 2 Villains And Voice Actors Revealed

Mrfreeze After all that last year's Batman: Arkham Asylum did right, where can the sequel go from here?  Plenty of places, it seems, as two of the new villains have been inadvertently revealed by the people behind them.  Best of all, the new faces are played by actors you know if not by name, then by voice.  GamesRadar has the news.

First up, veteran voice actor Maurice LaMarche has confirmed that he'll be playing Mr. Freeze. Good choice of both character and actor, we say. Freeze has been one of the most interesting of Gotham's villains ever since his tragic resurrection in Batman: The Animated Series, and LaMarche himself should be known to you from the likes of The Real Ghostbusters (in which he played Egon) and Pinky and The Brain (in which he played The Brain). That combination of intelligence and detachment should be spot on.

Secondly, Stana Katic (of TV's Castle) has splurged that she's voicing some-time Batman love-interest Talia Al Ghul, daughter of Ra's. This makes things interesting in a few ways. Obviously it raises the question of whether Ra's himself will make an appearance, possibly to pick up the slack from the clearly badly-injured Joker seen in the game's teaser trailer. 

Both LaMarche and Katic are solid choices and I can easily imagine each in their respective role.  I'm especially looking forward to hearing what LaMarche brings to Mr. Freeze.  After all, he's the voice of The Brain, animated Egon Spengler, alien news monster Morbo, Orson Welles, Dilbert's garbage man, Jay Sherman's friend Jeremy Hawke, and plenty of other characters that you know.  The man has range.  Whatever he has planned for Mr. Freeze, I'm definitely interested in hearing it.