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Red Faction Movie, TV Series In The Works

Red Faction Usually when a video game becomes a television series, it's an animated adaptation geared towards children.  Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon, and Street Fighter all made the leap, for example.  Could there be a market for adult-centric television programming based on games aimed at adults?  SyFy and THQ are aiming to find out as the two companies at working on a TV Movie based on Red Faction which, if successful, would lead to a proper series.  It's all part of a synergistic move to bring the former Sci-Fi Channel into a more active video gaming role.  Broadcasting & Cable has the details.

Syfy has just closed a deal to bring Red Faction to television via a two-hour movie, which will also serve as a back-door pilot. In addition, the next iteration of the Red Faction video-game series will be produced in conjunction with Syfy Games.

"It is the kind of content that fits our genre," Alan Seiffert, senior VP of Syfy Ventures, told B&C. "It is a great fit for a big Syfy Saturday movie, and if it really works, it is a great back-door pilot."

It's an interesting venture and I'd like to see it succeed if only to show that games for adult audiences can be more than just games.  Who knows?  Weekly adventures based around Grand Theft Auto on Spike and Burnout Paradise: The Series on Speed could very well follow.  Meanwhile, THQ's de Blob is getting the traditional animated treatment under a new SyFy Kids banner, while SyFy property Ghost Hunters is becoming a THQ-developed Nintendo DS, Apple iPad, and iPhone title.  I'm not a Ghost Hunters fan, but if that initiative helps SyFy programming become worthwhile video games, then perhaps we'll see Warehouse 13 and Eureka games before all is said and done.  Say, do you think they'll develop the games over the course of a single week in eastern Europe somewhere like they do SyFy Original Movies?

(via TV Tattle)