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PS3 Gets Even Slimmer

Slimmer PS3 How are all of you who bought the new slimmer Sony PlayStation 3 enjoying your consoles?  Like 'em?  That's great.  They're obsolete now.  OK, that's being harsh, but the fact remains that the PS3 has been slightly redesigned again, as the architecture in the case has become even smaller.  The new design is slightly cheaper to produce and consumes less power when in use.  PlayStation University has the news.

Sony said that the PlayStation 3 Slim would result in the company finding profit on the system. Despite a $100 price drop, the console’s slim repackaging would not only let the hardware break even, but also eventually result in profit for every console sold. Sony may have finally achieved that, as we can now confirm that the platform holder has reduced the PS3’s RSX GPU to 45nm from its previous 65nm chip design.

The advantages of such a reduction in chip size are numerous. A 45 nano-meter chip results in reduced power usage, it’s less likely to overheat and will require less cooling. Though the Yellow Light of Death is not as common on PS3 Slims, the RSX’s new chip size will also reduce such risks, making the new model more reliable. It joins the current 45nm Cell processor.

I'm glad to see that hardware development for the PS3 platform continues and that the design "under the hood" becomes more efficient over time.  I can't wait to see just how small and efficient the chips will become as the years go by.  We may yet see a $129.99 PS3 near the end of its life cycle.