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Respawn time Things are looking up for the former heads on Infinity Ward, Jason West and Vince Zampella (aside from the lawsuits against and from Activision).  The duo announced this morning that that they're re-teaming with Electronic Arts to form their own development studio called (fittingly enough) Respawn EntertainmentGamasutra reports that this development is the ultimate "screw you" gesture to both Activision and EA.

"Other than that, I see no risk to this at all," says the analyst. "This is the ultimate screw-you to Activision -- and the ultimate screw you to EA," he adds, recalling how the pair left EA and the Medal of Honor franchise claiming they were worth more money.

"By going to EA now and getting paid up, they say, 'you're finally paying us what we're due,'" says the analyst. "EA are being the bigger people here. They're not wounded at all by the fact that they lost these guys and the
Medal of Honor brand deteriorated."

Pachter believes it's worth noting that Respawn's official announcement has a quote of endorsement from EA Games boss Frank Gibeau, not EA Partners' David DeMartini. "It implies that this is a richer deal for EA, meaning a bigger profit share as opposed to a straight distribution deal."

Now the community eagerly awaits news of Respawn's first project.  As for me, I'm betting on Medal of Duty.  Or, perhaps, Call of Honor.