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Just Cause 2 Review At Kombo

Just Cause 2 I really hope that you're not tired of my ongoing Just Cause 2 discussion because it's showing no sign of stopping any time soon.  My review of the PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and PC game from Square-Enix and Avalanche Studios is now available over at Kombo, and since there isn't much in the way of theme or tone to analyze, I decided to blow open many of the crazy antics with which protagonist Rico Rodriguez can involve himself.  Exploding oil refineries, crazy base jumps, heavy statues, and mid-air hijackings await.

Overall, the most fun that Just Cause 2 has to offer involves the many ways it is possible to destroy objects and perform amazing stunts. Want to tether a jeep to a statue of the dictator and drive away with the stone head attached to the back bumper? Go for it. Want to detonate a dead beached whale in order to snag the armor pick-up in its belly? It's possible. How does base jumping off the top of an ever-floating blimp-based strip club called the Mile High Club sound? Fans of the hit television series Lost will want to check out an island off Panau's coast modeled on the mysterious Island in which there is electromagnetic strangeness and a DHARMA Initiative-type Swan Station hatch. Then there's the Panauan space flight facility at Cape Carnival to explore (and blow up), hijackable aircraft both military and passenger to fly, oil piplines to detonate with a controlled overload, and a ritzy casino to scale. If one objective or location becomes unexciting, then simply jet away to a different one. Anything goes on Panau.

The review is also packed with more video clips of my exploits on the island.  You'd think that detonating government property would grow old after twenty-six hours of gameplay, but I still haven't had enough.  There's still lots for me to explore, discover, and ultimately destroy.  I have to move on to my next review, but I have a feeling that Just Cause 2 will stay in my gaming rotation for a long while.