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Introducing The Mega Man Killers

Introducing The Mega Man Killers Enker. Punk. Ballade. To long-time Mega Man players who have fond or frustrating memories of the Game Boy line of blue bomber adventures, the names of Dr. Wily's special Robot Masters designed specifically to eliminate Mega Man are not easily forgotten. Newer fans of the franchise probably have little idea who these characters are or from where they come now that they've returned as add-on DLC content in Mega Man 10 for the Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Xbox 360, so it's time for a little Robot Master 101 introduction course in the form of a video created by PTB reader Guy Perfect in which these three bosses are reviewed in all their Game Boy glory. You'll learn their moves, weapon capabilities, and even a little backstory where applicable. It's time to introduce the Mega Man Killers.