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How To Make Just Cause 2 Better? Just Add Dinosaurs!

Just Cause 2 - Now With Dinosaurs! There's a lot of upcoming add-on downloadable content for Just Cause 2 on the way from Square-Enix and Avalanche Studios, but do you know what isn't on the DLC list?  Dinosaurs!  Andrew Reiner of Game Informer has come up with a way to make the too-much-fun action/sandbox game for the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and PC even more enjoyable.  Just add dinosaurs.

In my time, I've found Just Cause 2 is all about the gameplay. I haven't been able to immerse myself into the fiction or the world. Frankly, the story is terrible, the characters come across like cartoons, and the factions appear to be there just to make my goals more difficult. As I'm playing, I often find myself thinking about what this game would be like with the Jurassic Park license. A healthy infestation of dinosaurs would certainly make things interesting.

Let the idea simmer in your head for a moment, then check out the conceptual screenshot mock-ups created by artist Jeff Akervik that combine the adventures of agent Rico Rodriguez with giant bitey lizards.  There's almost too much awesome in these images to contain, and if this were an actual game or add-on DLC, I would buy it immediately.  You hear that, Avalanche?  Dinosaurs.  Think about it.