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Even More Mayhem In Panau With Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 The Panuan military doesn't rest and neither do I.  Despite having to move on after reviewing the Square-Enix and Avalanche Studios adventure Just Cause 2 for the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and PC, I continue to work my way back for more island-hopping when I have the time.  There are more pipelines to bring down, more water towers to blast, more colonels to assassinate, and more helicopters to hijack, after all.  Feast your eyes on my latest exploits in these video clips.

There are oil pipelines running all across Panau, but they're bulletproof. To blow them up, one must access the main control panel and set it to overload with a quick button pressing sequence.

A quick stopover at the island's casino turns into an exercise in statue demolition and leaping off a cliff. When my helicopter wrecking ball stunt goes wrong, I'm forced to flee by base jumping.

That little lightweight helicopter makes for a terrible wrecking ball vehicle. I need something stronger like this military helicopter. What could possibly go wrong?

President Panay's propaganda needs a fresh coat of paint.

I'm now forty hours into the game with only 36% completed, but I have cleared 100 settlements, so I have that going for me. Next time: a thrilling jetboat chase, blasting a space rocket out of the sky, and a Panauan soldier gets what's coming to him.

Just Cause 2 Video Mayhem