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Complete List Of Just Cause 2 DLC Revealed

Just Cause 2Microsoft circulated the complete list of upcoming downloadable content for Square-Enix and Avalanche Studio's Just Cause 2 for the Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, and PC over the weekend.  Protagonist Rico Rodriguez is about to get some serious hardware and transportation upgrades, although exactly how much it will cost players to acquire all that there is to be had is still a mystery.  Nevertheless, Kombo whets your appetite with the complete listPrepare for mayhem!  Here are a few of my favorites that are on my shopping list provided that the price is right:

Wild Rides DLC Pack
Unleash your inner beast with two truly powerful new vehicles. Get your kicks on the routes of Panau with this beautiful Chevalier Sauvage-69. Once this muscle car kicks into high gear, it will take a swarm of Panau's finest to put it to a halt. And if you are looking for a bit more bang for your buck, try out the new F-33 Dragonfly fighter jet. With quad-mounted miniguns and double missile launchers, this agile bird is the definite ruler of the skies, and packs a serious punch to land based targets as well.

Multi-Rocket Launcher DLC Weapon
Become the master of destruction with this fine addition to the
Just Cause 2 arsenal. As the name implies, the Multi-Rocket Launcher is capable of firing a spread of rockets on your target, making it the most destructive weapon in Panau.

Air Propulsion Gun
Courtesy of the Agency Propulsion Labs, this gun was originally designed as a jet engine but was soon repurposed for the weapons division where the Air Propulsion Gun was born.

Cluster Bomb Launcher
A natural progression of the grenade launcher, the Cluster Bomb Launcher is a small-scale weapon of mass destruction for personal use.

Quad Rocket Launcher
Combine a rocket launcher with a shotgun and you've got yourself the powerful Quad Rocket Launcher - expect some collateral damage!

Multi-lock Missile Launcher
This highly sophisticated weapon of destruction allows you to lock up to four targets and unleash a barrage of homing missiles to take care of all your troubles.

Agency Hovercraft
The ultimate in amphibious transport, the Agency Hovercraft is the most flexible form of transport in the game. Steered by a thrust-based engine for smooth and agile movement, the vehicle is as comfortable on land as off. Equipped with a turret-mounted autocannon, you're guaranteed to blow your opposition out of the water.

Dual Parachute Thrusters
Take to the air for longer! The Dual Parachute Thrusters when mounted to the parachute rig provides bursts of forward momentum to extend airtime.

Some of this DLC is already out there if you have a preorder code. My copy from Best Buy came with the Chevalier Classic, a level 6 beast of a speedster that sports an increased top speed and refined handling. I certainly hope that at least some of this stuff is free, but I can see Square-Enix going for the greed and charging a premium for each and every item on the list.  Chances are that most of these items are already on the disc and are just waiting for an unlock code (that's how the Chevalier Classic worked), so once again we're left with paying for content we already own, but cannot currently access.  Lovely.  Once upon a time these kinds of items were rewards for an in-game job well done.  Now they're a reward for opening your wallet or purse.  My, how times change.