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Atari National Pac-Man Day

Imagine for a moment that it's April 3, 1982.  You're in line at the lovely-in-an-'80s-way Countryside Mall with cash clutched in your fist that you're all set to spend on a brand new just-released copy of the latest sure-to-be-a-megahit, Pac-Man for the Atari Video Computer System (aka, the Atari 2600).  A nation is poised to celebrate.  There's also prizes to win and contests to enter on this grandest of days: Atari National Pac-Man Day.  Moreover, there are "events of all descriptions" planned, and you'll even get to meet Pac-Man himself somehow!  Yes, all of this pomp and circumstance is certainly worth it for the 2600 version of the popular contemporary arcade quarter-muncher.  Surely this will be most glorious day of the year up until December's big holiday: Atari National E.T. Day.  "Only Atari makes a Pac-Man home video game and it can only be played on an Atari Video Computer System," says the advertisement from the March 29, 1982 edition of the St. Petersburg Times.  In hindsight, it almost reads like a threat.

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