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What The BEEP Is That? #2 At Kombo

What The BEEP Is That?Following on from last week's debut, this week's installment of our new game/contest at Kombo — What The BEEP Is That? — marches on with a new theme.  If you can figure out some or all of the eight sound clips that all relate to in-game death, you have a shot at winning a download token for Buzz! Quiz World for the Sony PlayStation Portable as well as the Space Quiz Pack to go with it.

This week's theme: "You died" jingles! No matter what console generation, every gamer of every age knows the frustration that flows when you hear that little jingle which plays once your character meets their untimely demise. Maybe he/she fell into a bottomless pit, or perhaps exploded in space. There's countless ways to die in a video game, and these familiar little jingles remind your of that fact constantly.

I wrote the clues for this week's sound clips, so feel free to let me know if you think I'm being too difficult or too easy when it comes to providing little hints.  We're trying to ramp up the challenge level on these sounds, so don't feel bad if we leave you stumped.  It's not supposed to be a cakewalk!