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Weekly Poll: Smother OS

Weekly Poll for 3-22-2010The majority of you who played God of War III for the Sony PlayStation 3 enjoyed it, and I'm certainly part of that majority.  I find that it isn't a memorable experience though.  I finished the game in just under eight hours of gameplay, and now that I've moved on to other games, when I think back on my time with Kratos, there's not much that I can recall.  I remember the big set pieces such as Hera's gardens and the labyrinth, but not much else.  The game just moves so quickly that there isn't a chance to bond with the scenery or the environments.  Trying to write a mini-review didn't work out as I couldn't remember enough about the experience beyond ripping off the heads of the gods and climbing around on the mighty titans.  Oh, and there were topless women and a sex mini-game featuring Aphrodite.  I do remember that!

Speaking of the PlayStation 3, remember last year when the new slimmer PS3 models were revealed to not feature the OtherOS option that allowed users to install alternative operating systems such as Linux?  And do you remember that Sony stated it had no plans to remove the OtherOS option from existing PS3 consoles?  Well, plans change.  A new firmware update for the PS3 is due shortly that will remove the OtherOS feature (due to nebulous "security reasons") from any PS3 that still has it.  This is a presumed response to Apple iPhone hacker George "geohot" Hotz targeting the PS3 in his latest cracking activities which uses the OtherOS option as a way into the system's alleged backdoor.  By removing OtherOS entirely, that backdoor closes.  Does this matter to you?  Have you used the OtherOS option before?  Will you miss it?  Or does this not impact you at all?  Let's hear your thoughts.