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Modern Warfare In The Mushroom Kingdom

Weekly Poll: Movement Detected

Weekly Poll for 3-08-2010 I don't think we've ever had a weekly poll topic where one of the options brought in zero support, but Activision manages to take low honors when it comes to the gaming community backing them up in the big Modern Warfare lawsuit.  Take that, monolithic entity!  The ousted Infinity Ward duo have plenty of boosters, but there's some of us who believe that whoever wins in this fight, we'll all lose in the end.  The Modern Warfare brand will go on, but it will never be the same again.  Lawsuits and legal fights have a knack for souring business relations, morale, and creative spirit.

Looking ahead, Sony finally formally revealed and branded their take on a motion controller.  The PlayStation Move looks to tread where Nintendo's Wii remote has already been, yet some are saying that it's actually a different experience.  What do you think?  Are you interested in games for the Move?  Are you counting the days until the release of Move Party and Sports Champions?  Or are you just hoping they keep the Move away from future titles such as Uncharted 3?  Let's hear your thoughts.