PS3s Worldwide Experiencing Glitches And Data Corruption Today
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Poll022210A big hello to Ubisoft employees who apparently read Press The Buttons and voted in last week's poll under the "fair" heading.  I don't think I've ever seen such a near-unanimous vote before.  I agree with the majority that Ubisoft's new PC DRM goes too far, and while I understand that believe that publishers have a right to protect their content, I also believe that those who buy their products have a right to play what they purchased.  Ultimately, it's a never-ending unproductive cycle of protection and protests.  The root of the problem stems from the disabling of a product.  That really should never happen to legitimate users.

Speaking of disabled products, Sony is dealing with a major PlayStation 3 technical issue today as older non-slim PS3s worldwide are freaking out over what is either a PlayStation Network issue or a system-level clock error.  It all depends on whether you believe the company's brief statements or the gaming community's mob investigation.  Either way, PS3 consoles are not happy today.  Is your console one of the ones that has lost data?  Or are you too afraid to turn your console on to find out?  Let's hear your thoughts and/or tragic stories of woe.  As for me, my PS3 worked Sunday evening and it's a 160GB non-slim unit which may be one of the only older machines unaffected by this whole mess.  I wondered why nobody on my Friends list was online last night.