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Super Mario Bros. Super Show Now Streaming On Netflix

The Super Mario Bros. Super ShowHey, paisanos!  Have you wanted to relive those Nintendo Entertainment System glory days of old with the animated adventures of everyone's favorite plumber, but haven't wanted to invest in a set of Super Mario Bros. Super Show DVDs?  Starting today, Netflix members can stream the first volume of the four-disc DVD set.  Prepare to flashback to 1989 with the Mushroom Kingdom crew and guest starts such as Cyndi Lauper, Sgt. Slaughter, Danica McKellar, Joe Piscopo and Magic Johnson.  The live action segments with Captain Lou "Mario" Albano and Danny "Luigi" Wells are included, too.  Nostalgia never gets old, but somehow I doubt that these episodes have aged well.  I think I'd prefer to keep my childhood memories intact rather than be disappointed by what I used to think was entertaining, although if you'd like to dim the lights and do the dance, I won't judge you.