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CronosEven though villain protagonist Kratos's story arc of revenge and vengeance has come to an end with the release of God of War III for the Sony PlayStation 3, the series itself is not over.  A new storyline may be set to unfold in the modern day as a secret epilogue video found at the end of the original God of War's super difficult Spartan difficulty mode is getting some fresh attention now that the revelations of the recently released adventure are fresh in the gaming community's collective mind despite the fact that it contradicts events in other games in the franchise.  Apocryphal or not, check out the alleged final fate of Cronos the Titan, a hulking beast cursed to carry Pandora's Temple on his back through the Desert of Lost Souls.

I can see it now: long after the original God of War saga, an archaeological expedition explores newly discovered ancient ruins. The leader of the intrepid team — one Steve "The Spartan" Kratos — discovers a pair of large blades attached to chains. "I don't know why, but these feel familiar," he says, holding them up to the light for a closer look...

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