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Rock Mario Nintendo hasn't told us everything about the upcoming Super Mario Galaxy 2, of course.  The company has earned its reputation for taking secrecy to unheard levels.  Some of the Super Mario franchise's newest power-ups are still secrets to everybody, but Wired GameLife's Chris Kohler had a sneak peek at one of Mario's new enhancements: the Rock Mushroom.

The first thing I did was pick up the new Rock Mushroom, which turns Mario into a rolling boulder of death. The boulder smashes into things and destroys them. Like big giant red crystals that have things inside them. Once Mario smashes something, he reverts to walking around, and you can turn into a rock again by shaking the Wiimote. You can jump while in rock form, which I am pretty sure will translate into some really hard levels that will involve rock-jumping. At any rate, this isn’t one of those. It’s pretty much just an introduction to smashing things, one that culminates in a boss battle versus an adorable giant baby armadillo, who you have to bash in the ass three times.

I'm getting a Spring Mushroom vibe from the Rock Mushroom in that it sounds like a power-up that could be really useful if only it weren't so difficult to control.  I sincerely hope that I'm wrong because that character artwork of a stony Mario is too amusing to dislike (particularly the rocked-out hat action).  Other new power-ups include a special glowing berry that causes Yoshi to light up in order to illuminate dark areas.  I know it sounds like standard Super Mario equipment, but it still makes me eager to explore.  Come May 23 I believe that Nintendo will have ensnared me all over again. Here's a trailer that shows off some of the aforementioned new power-ups via Joystiq: