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Just Cause 2Citizens and military of Panau, beware!  I am continuing to work my way through your island to unleash my one-man wave of terror against your water towers, fuel tanks, propaganda trailers, oil derricks, airports, and any other structure marked with a white Panuan star.  Don't take my word for it though.  Check out these videos of me in action as I shoot guns and detonate high-end explosives in the recently released Just Cause 2 for the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and PC.  For the glory of Panau, indeed. Don't miss the first set of Panuan mayhem videos from last week, too.

The easiest way to destroy oil refinery infrastructure is aboard a stolen military helicopter. Stick around to the end to hear the official Panuan response to my campaign.

After hammering away at this offshore oil derrick, it's time to end things. However, I can't find the final fuel tank that needs to explode! Time to take to the air for a little fancy grappling action...

Rapid vertical ascent is possible by grappling onto a propane tank, then shooting it. Up, up, and away!

A quick stop to pick up a stray Ular skull artifact turns into a race against time as my helicopter starts to slide off the mountain. Hey, get back here!

Just Cause 2 may just be the ultimate sandbox game. There's hundreds of settlements to discover and thousands of objects to destroy, yet it never gets old. I'm eighteen hours into the adventure with only 18% of the game completed, so I think I'll be at this for quite a while yet.

Just Cause 2 Video Mayhem