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Heavy Rain "Nude Glitch" Fails To Load Character Clothing

Heavy Rain Since the dawn of attractive video game characters, gaming enthusiasts (or, rather, overenthusiasts) have sought to hack and mod clothing off of digital heroines.  It's unusual that an actual developer will do the work for them, however.  Consider the case of Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain for the Sony PlayStation 3 in which a recently discovered glitch results in the game failing to load the clothing for heroine Madison Page, resulting in a section of the game in which she's playable au natural.  Kotaku has the details and the uncensored video if you want to see Madison's bare polygons and textures exposed.

Seeing as a fully naked model of Madison exists in the game already, from her shower scene earlier in the story, this is definitely something that's within the realms of possibility.  Be thankful the glitch affects Madison, and not someone else. Like Scott. Or the clown.

At first I wondered how long it would take until Sony and Quantic Dream patch this little error out of existence, but considering that Madison is already nude elsewhere in the game, does it really matter if this glitch is corrected?  After all, this is nothing we haven't seen before.  Then again, since Heavy Rain prides itself on emotion, playing through a portion of Madison's story while she's unexpectedly in her birthday suit changes the intended emotional impact of the scene.  We may well see this issue corrected not for typical censorship reasons, but because the error changes an aspect of Madison's storyline and characterization.