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DSi XL Launching In North America With Pack-In Casual Games

Nintendo DSi XL Nintendo is launching its supersized DSi XL in North America next week, and when buyers open the box and turn on the device, they'll find three games waiting for them on the system's built-in memory: Brain Age Express: Math, Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters and Photo Clock.  The common thread between these three titles?  They're meant for casual audiences.  This is nothing new from Nintendo these days, but my pal Brad Hilderbrand over at Kombo believes that the company is missing an opportunity here.  He explains:

It's interesting to note that the same press release touting the pre-installed software also makes mention of America's Test Kitchen and WarioWare D.I.Y. as launch titles for the XL. The latter game especially is expected to perform very well so the question then becomes did Nintendo ever consider bundling it with their new handheld? Think about it, isn't it easier to swallow the idea of buying a $190 handheld if it comes with a game you were planning to spend $35 on anyway? Suddenly the price point makes more sense, and the device isn't such a hard sell.

Firstly, Nintendo hasn't given away free gold since it packed Wii Sports in the box with the Wii itself, and the game's runaway success was unexpected when that decision was made.  Next, while the new WarioWare D.I.Y. is a big release for the company this season, it's not exactly aimed at the target demographic for the DSi XL.  Remember that the XL is supposedly meant for older casual gamers whose failing eyes need the assistance of a larger pair of screens.  That audience isn't interested in or ready for WarioWare, but those Brain Age games that everyone in their social circle keeps talking about are right up their alley.