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Dr. Wily Teaches The Art Of Level Design

Brawl in the Family If you're an aspiring mad scientist looking to get into the exciting field of world domination then you'll definitely want to check out this installment of the Brawl In The Family comic in which Mega Man's nemesis, Dr. Wily, shares his blueprints for a stage for his latest Robot Master, Scorpion Man.  Learn how enemies should coordinate with the level's basic theme, what to do when you order too many hard hat Mets, how to properly place disappearing blocks, when to leave spare energy pellets around for blue bombers to collect in order to create a false sense of security, and — most importantly — don't forget to sign your work with an elaborate signature above the Robot Master's entry doors.

Next Week's Project: We still have a surplus of Mets to dump in a stage, so let's make Construction Man.  He should shoot hard hats from his hard hat.  And make him weak to Scorpion Man's weapon. - Dr.W

Poor Dr. Wily.  Even when he tries to do it himself, he just can't defeat Mega Man.  Still, this comic reinforces the idea presented a while ago that Dr. Wily is in this whole "destroy Mega Man and take over the world" business because he enjoys building the enemy robots and designing their levels.  I'm not normally one for fan-created characterization, but I do like the idea that fans have come up with for an intriguing explanation for Dr. Wily's behavior that adds an interesting dimension to his actions.