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Tabula Rasa Hey, how'd you like to score a sweet deal on the special collector edition of the MMORPG Tabula Rasa that comes with the first month of play for free?  Your local Walmart may just have it in stock for a mere $25.00.  The catch is that Tabula Rasa — which requires connection to a master server to play, naturally — went offline forever just over a year ago, meaning that the discs for sale here are unplayable.  The Consumerist has the story.

Saying that Walmart is ripping people off is harsh. The $250 they would take in by selling these games is minuscule in comparison to even the daily gross from that store alone. We're going to be generous and assume that this is a mistake on the part of Kain's local store. He should have alerted a manager — even if the store didn't listen to him, at least he would have done his part to protect other shoppers who might pick up the games.

Here's the thing: this is Walmart we're talking about.  They don't have to care about things like this.  It would be nice if they did, and maybe one would expect them to keep dead titles off the shelf, but in the end it's just not important enough for management to worry about or, at worst, understand.  However, now that public Internet shaming has begun, perhaps someone at Walmart HQ will put the word out to pull this defunct game from the catalog.  In the meantime, let the buyer beware.  Besides, has the same Tabula Rasa collector edition currently in stock for just $23.20.