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Peter Venkman It's always an unpredictable good time when actor Bill Murray shows up in the guest seat on David Letterman's Late Show, and his appearance on last night's show was no exception.  What's worth mentioning here in a gaming-related context, however, is this brief bit where Murray recalls his experiences recording dialog and improvising his way around last year's (it's been a year already?) Ghostbusters: The Video Game.  As Murray tells it, stepping back into the role of Peter Venkman after twenty-plus years pulled him back into the Ghostbusters mood.  Here's a clip in which he also mentions the circumstances that would have to happen to convince him to be a part of a new film installment:

It sounds like Murray's heart just isn't in doing a theatrical Ghostbusters 3, but what about reprising his role for Ghostbusters: The Video Game 2? Can that still be on the table? If that's the only way to hear him as the character in action again, I'll gladly take it.  He does sound a little bored during a few parts of the game, but it's obvious that he really starts to get back into it during most of the scenes.