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Big PS3 Sale At Today Only

Buy somethin' will ya!It's time for another of's Gold Box one-day-only sales in which items are discounted for a limited time throughout the day, and today's focus is on Sony PlayStation 3 software.  The big discount (which is also available for the Microsoft Xbox 360 version of the game) is Dante's Inferno for a mere $39 (which, if you read my review over at Kombo, you'll know that is a heck of a bargain for such a deep adventure).  Other titles on sale include Batman: Arkham Asylum, Lego Indiana Jones, Tekken 6, Star Ocean, and more.  Not bad deals at all if you're looking to stock up on diversions for spring (particularly Dante's Inferno and Arkham Asylum).  Each purchase made through the green link helps support PTB, so we each get something nice out of it.