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Weekly Poll: You Can't Spell "Damaged Relations" Without D-R-M

Weekly Poll for 2-15-2010I had assumed most people have skipped around a series, but it's always nice to find out for sure.  As gaming continues to develop as a storytelling medium we're starting to see some franchises that really want players to experience them in order.  Consider Mass Effect, for instance; the sequel takes one's save file from the original game and uses it to continue the individualized story.  Other titles like Ratchet and Clank reward players by reading older save files to provide optional bonuses in sequels.  I like when games offer little rewards like that, but for something like Mass Effect I wouldn't feel as if I weren't getting the most out of the sequel without playing the original game.  Coming in late to a franchise like that is a daunting experience. 

Moving on, last week I commented on Ubisoft's new digital rights management scheme for PC titles such as Assassin's Creed II.  As you'll recall, this is the system in which one must have an active Internet connection at all times while the game is running.  Lose the connection for any reason and the game comes to a halt.  Do you feel that this DRM scheme goes too far?  Does it not go too far enough?  Or is it fair?  Let's hear your thoughts.