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Weekly Poll: Adults In The Mushroom Kingdom

Weekly Poll for 1-25-2010Interest in motion control is pretty evenly split between Nintendo's existing products, Microsoft's upcoming product, and those of you who want no motion products at all.  Sony's PlayStation wand lags behind, but it's the one I'm interest in from the perspective of not knowing much about how it will change the PlayStation 3 experience.  I don't really want to see, say, an Uncharted sequel that relies heavily on waving my arm around like a loon, but if some solid core-oriented material can be created to maximize its potential in an appropriate way, I'm certainly willing to try it.  Can we lose the big red orb on the top of it though?  It's not helping its public image.

Moving on, I'd like to ask about last week's Kotaku article in which adult men explained why they still enjoy playing Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. franchise.  I know we have plenty of adult Mario fans here, so let's ask the question proper (and this is for women as well): are you an adult that still likes to play Super Mario games?  Why or why not?  I'm curious what you all have to say, so let's hear your thoughts.