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Sega ZoneHave you ever read one of those stories about the genie of the lamp who grants wishes, but gives them a sadistic angle that the hapless wisher didn't anticipate?  I think we're seeing one of those tales play out for everyone who wished that Sega would get back into the console business, as there is a new console featuring the company's recognizable logo coming later this year, but it's not exactly the Super Dreamcast.  Get ready for the unholy union of classic gaming and trend chasing with the Sega Zone!

The console, called the Sega Zone, will come with 20 classic Sega titles, like Alex Kid, Golden Axe, Sonic and Knuckles, and Ecco the Dolphin as well as a further 30 games, 16 of which are motion controlled.

Users will be able to control the action via two included wireless remote controls and when not playing Sega titles be able to play the usual array of sports classics like table tennis, darts, fencing, beach volleyball, and golf by waving the controller in front of the screen as they do with the Nintendo console.

However, gamers hoping to be able to load in more games will be disappointed, although the makers say that they hope to offer more Sega titles in the future, you won't be able to add them to this system.

Now you can play Kid Chameleon and motion-controlled darts without having to mess with expensive and cumbersome discs!  We're looking at yet another cheaply-made Nintendo Wii knock-off here, but this one at least went the extra mile to license classic Sega Genesis content to accompany the Wii Sports-like material.  I especially like the use of bright plastic meant to invoke the Wii's blue glowing light and the Microsoft Xbox 360's green glowing circle.  £50 in Europe for those interested.  Next time, Sega fans, phrase your wish more carefully.

(via Kombo)