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PS3 To Get 3D Firmware Update Whether You Want It Or Not

Jaws 19Sony is already at work on a firmware update to make the PlayStation 3 capable of working with upcoming unannounced 3D video games.  As Engadget reveals from an interview at Pocket Lint, this summer will see the first in what will no doubt be a series of firmware updates designed to turn the PS3 into a 3D powerhouse.  First up for compatibility?  Sony's own BRAVIA line of LCD televisions.

Get your active shutter glasses ready: your PS3 is going to go 3D this Summer. In conjunction with the release of its 3D BRAVIA LCD sets, Sony is planning to release updates to turn the PS3 both into a stereoscopic 3D gaming platform, in addition to a 3D Blu-ray compatible movie player. Sure, we knew Sony was planning to give us 3D sometime this year, but now that we've got a summer time frame we can plan our wardrobe decisions according -- jean cut-offs, here we come!

Are you ready for 3D TV? You'd better say yes! Hollywood and related entertainment media are pouring millions of dollars and fast-tracking 3D development after you helped make Avatar so profitable, so you'd better appreciate it. The thing is, I can't get a straight answer on just how 3D TV will enrich our lives as it empties our wallets and purses and what I'll need to do to buy my way into it. So far I've heard that I will need a new 3D-capable television, that I won't need a new 3D-capable television because a firmware update will upgrade my existing TV, that I'll need to wear goofy glasses, that I won't need to wear goofy glasses, that I'll have to wear decent-looking glasses that have to plug directly into the television, and all other kinds of contradictory nonsense. I really hope that some of these 3D games are available to try at E3 this year because I need to see how this technology works firsthand before I'm ready to form an opinion. I have a sinking feeling that after all of this fuss, the shark will still look fake.