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Play That Beepy Music Over At Kombo

Diddy and Dixie jam If you've ever read any of my Beyond Beeps articles then you know how much I love quality video game music, so when the opportunity was presented to write a long feature article over at Kombo about favorite gaming soundtracks, fellow Kombonaut Eric Frederiksen and I jumped at it.  We've put the finishing touches on our look at more than twenty game soundtracks and included audio samples of our absolute favorites covering both modern and retro music along with a little commentary.  You'll find the usual suspects like Super Mario Galaxy and Mega Man 2 as well as more obscure selections from titles like Sonic Heroes, Maniac Mansion, and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.  Sit back, open your ears, and enjoy.  We're also giving away BioShock 2 and its soundtrack at the end of the article, so check that out, too.