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Old Advertisement Promotes Unreleased Mega Man Game

Mega Man: Battle & ChaseCapcom's Mega Man went off the rails for a while in the 1990s as he attempted to dominate other gaming genres beyond his traditional action/platformer role.  He turned up in a video board game informally called Rockboard, for instance, and later went on to appear in his first sports game, Mega Man Soccer.  One could even count the FMV adventure Super Adventure Rockman among the "Really?" pile of the blue bomber's biography.  Another of his out-of-place titles is the Mario Kartesque also-ran for the Sony PlayStation, Battle & Chase, in which Mega Man and the Robot Masters battle and chase each other across various racetracks.  Planned for a 1997 release in North America after a successful Japanese launch, the localization must have been scrapped at the last minute because advertisements for it appeared in gaming magazines of the time.  Vintage Computing and Gaming has a scan of the ad in which players are implored to start their engines for a race that wouldn't actually be officially available until 2006 when Battle & Chase appeared as part of the Mega Man X Collection.  For a neat detail, check out Mega Man's driver's license and note his date of birth.  December 17, 1986 is the release date of the original Mega Man game in Japan.  How often do you see an advertisement that respects continuity?