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Mega Man 10 Release Dates, Special Weapons Revealed

Rebound StrikerMark your calendars for three days in March, as Capcom has announced the release dates for Mega Man 10.  In a really frustrating move, the company has settled on a staggered release schedule for the downloadable game, giving Nintendo Wii players first crack at the adventure on March 1, while Sony PlayStation 3 owners must wait until March 11 and Microsoft Xbox 360 enthusiasts have to gaze longingly through the cold, icy window until March 31.  Anyone looking to earn proper Trophies or Achievements will have to wait a bit.  It's not all disheartening news though, as Capcom has also revealed the eight special weapons that Mega Man acquires from each Robot Master along with new character artwork depicting the blue bomber in action with said weapons.  Check 'em all out at the Capcom-Unity blog.  Much like how the new Robot Masters borrow little design elements from past Mega Man bosses, some of the weapons seem a little familiar.  The Wheel Cutter looks to behave a lot like Wheel Gator's Spin Wheel weapon from Mega Man X2, while the Rebound Striker has similar traits to the reviled Mega Ball from Mega Man 8 (at least it doesn't have to be kicked this time).  Set aside your $10 and clear your schedule now.  Dr. Wily is waiting.