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Tango Capcom's Mega Man 10 launches next week for Nintendo's WiiWare service and over the rest of March via Sony PlayStation Network and Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade, but eager fans are already tearing apart available screenshots.  While the game displays in a trusty ol' 4:3 standard aspect ratio, special borders will display on either side of the action on widescreen televisions to fill the extra space.  These borders are packed with just about all of the game's characters, so The Mega Man Network has torn apart each and every image to theorize just which enemy grunts the blue bomber will blast apart during the course of his adventure.  The most interesting find in the border images is the apparent return of Dr. Light's robotic attack cat, Tango, who was first seen in 1994's Mega Man V for the Super Game Boy.

It’s kind of hard to fix the color, since there’s clearly a blue tint on them. But it’s easy enough to make out that Tango is there. Having made a sole appearance in Mega Man V for Game Boy (and Rockman & Forte on Wonderswan, if you’re in Japan), could this cat finally be coming back? If so we can finally see what those Game Boy sprites would look like in color, officially.

I never thought we'd see Tango again.  Most of that doubt has to do with the fact that he was such a useless character/item.  When summoned, the cat would roll around the screen and cause damage to enemies that happened to be in his way.  It sounds useful in theory, but I always found that I could blast enemies much more quickly and efficiently than Tango could crash into them.  If he's back in Mega Man 10 in something beyond a quick cameo appearance, I hope he's been tuned up to be a better weapon.