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Kombo Breaker - Episode 60: Garth Chouteau Talks Addiction and PopCap Games

Kombo BreakerWe have a double-dose of Kombo Breaker this week as in addition to the special BioShock 2 edition we also have our usual weekly show. This week we have our old friend Garth Chouteau of PopGame Games in the guest seat to discuss Bejeweled Blitz, new iPhone titles, expanded support for home consoles, and some exciting news about PopCap titles coming to Nintendo's Wii. As if that's not enough, we also have Kombo's own Keri Honea sitting in with us to pitch her own PopCap proposals. It's forty-five minutes of exciting information, Bejeweled bragging, and even a little peek into the PopCap hiring process (hint: it involves evil laughter). Download this week's episode directly from Kombo or subscribe via iTunes.