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Kombo Breaker Crew Transitions To New Podcast: Introducing Power Button

Power ButtonAfter one year and a little more than fifty episodes, the current Kombo Breaker podcast crew — that's myself, Joey Davidson, and Brad Hilderbrand — have decided to shake things up.  Our show format in which we interview video game developers, publishers, public relations specialists, and journalists isn't changing, but we're leaving our friends and colleagues in the Kombo nest to do what we do best on an independent level.  Say hello to Power Button.  It's the same show format with the same creative team and talent, but with a new name and a new home right here at Press The Buttons.  Power Button is a work in progress, so we want to hear from you!  Post comments, find us at the @PressTheButtons Twitter feed, or just plain .

This week on Power Button, Joey, Brad, and I discuss why we chose to move the show to PTB, then we engage in a spirited conversation about what we would create if given the chance to create our dream game consoles.  We keep things mostly realistic (no demands for cartridge slots for every past console) with discussions on how much 3D is too much 3D, paying for an online service like Microsoft's Xbox Live versus a free service like Sony's PlayStation Network, and other such things.  It's an hour of independently produced magic.  Download this week's episode of Power Button right here from Press The Buttons or just listen to it below. 

Power Button - Episode 1: "The Dream Console Is Alive"