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Roll & Rocker The late 1980s gave rise to plenty of really stupid alternative video game controllers.  For example, consider the madness that is LJN's Roll & Rocker.  It's a large wobbly platform of a controller that claims to be able to turn a player's body movements into appropriate onscreen actions.  Check out the marketing blurb on the back of the box (warning: cheesy '80s radical style and tone ahead):

The ENTERACTIVE [sic] ROLL & ROCKER is the radical action controller for all of your Nintendo Games.  It is the ultimate way to "feel the Power of Nintendo."  By simply plugging into your NES deck and getting on, you're ready for some fast and wild action.

This "Full Body" controller electronically transforms your normal reflex movements into high speed, on-screen video action.  Not only does the Roll & Rocker introduce a level of excitement never before experienced by "seat-of-your-pants" power players, but it also brings new life to all of your favorite old titles.  It changes the play value of any game so radically that some of those tired, unused cartridges collecting dust in your room just might re-emerge as new favorites.

The Roll & Rocker... State-of-the-Art Nintendo like you've never experienced before.

Or wanted to experience since, I'd imagine.  I can't believe that LJN actually expected people to get up and move around in order to control a video game.  Can you possibly imagine shifting your balance on some board to influence the action?  Thank goodness technology has outgrown such pointless endeavors.  What would've been next?  Moving your arms?

(Image and box blurb via eBay)