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Dante's Inferno Electronic Arts has bought advertising time during the Super Bowl on CBS to promote the imminent Dante's Inferno for the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and PlayStation Portable, but the network isn't happy with the game's marketing tagline.  It seems to me that a game based on the epic poem (itself classic literature) that involves descending deep through the levels of the underworld should — nay, must — sport the tagline "Go To Hell", but as Kotaku notes, CBS doesn't agree.

[B]roadcaster CBS has demanded edits to the commercial.  Not for the dark, mature tone of the ad, nor the graphic scenes of violence which punctuate the clip; it's because of the tagline used at the end: "Go To Hell". That was a bridge too far for the TV network, so EA has had to change the final line of the clip to "Hell Awaits" instead.

Dante's Inferno has brought us some really stupid, ill-conceived publicity stunts, but I really do like the "Go To Hell" line.  It paints Dante's adventure as a big dumb stupid action game that acts almost as a parody of the original Divine Comedy.  No matter which tagline is in use, I believe that we'll be hearing the overprotective parents of mainstream America complaining come Monday morning.  Somehow I think I know what EA should tell them when they complain about the game's content.