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American Dad Features Bizarre Japanese Video Game

American Dad It's time once again for what's becoming a twice-a-month recurring feature in which I call your attention to a video game reference on a FOX Sunday night animated comedy.  This week's gag comes from the "May The Best Stan Win" episode of American Dad in which Steve Smith and his friends play a nonsensical Japanese video game that leads them to finding a sex doll mannequin in a parent's closet.  Check out the clip via Hulu.

The pink rabbit leaping into the foreground of the game matched with a seemingly celebratory message has to be a nod at Super Mario Sunshine's "Shine Get!" moment, but that's not the only game convention getting a nod here.  Also, for the sake of completeness, The Cleveland Show featured Roberta and Cleveland Jr. playing a Wii-like game, but there wasn't a joke involving it.