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Weekly Poll: Made To Move

Poll011810 There is overwhelming support out there for video game art books, so here's hoping that developers and publishers behind some of gaming's most beloved franchises take the hint and start cranking out quality books.  You have your assignment, gaming industry.  Get to work.  We'll show up with cash or credit cards in-hand if you follow through.  Well, 81.6% of us will, at least.

We know they won't though.  Instead the industry is running full-speed ahead to capitalize on the motion controller trend as Microsoft prepares Project Natal and Sony tweaks its PlayStation wand controller.  Which technology interests you the most?  Or maybe you plan to stick with what you know in the form of Nintendo's Wii remote with WiiMotionPlus add-on.  Then again, what about remaining stationary?  Let's hear your thoughts (movement not required).