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Weekly Poll: Art Attack

Weekly Poll for 1-11-2010There's split interest between affordable 3D television and no 3D television at all. I'm more interested in 3D gaming than I am 3D television programming, as gaming tends to be a more immersive medium. A history of "very special episodes" revolving around a 3D gimmick have soured me on the idea because the 3D didn't do much of anything to draw me further into the storyline. I'd like to think that gaming can deliver in ways that conventional narrative programming cannot. It's all a moot point until the technology is affordable though. I'm not going to get burned by buying an early 3D television that will be obsolete by the time the content is worthwhile.

Moving on, I'm still enamored with the Mega Man: Official Complete Works art book. I've mentioned in the past how much I'd like to see similar books for other gaming franchises, but am I the only one? What about you? Are you interested in art books that feature beloved gaming icons? Let's hear your thoughts.