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Robot Masters Don't Break A Sweat Teaching Kids The Alphabet

Bright Man teaches ABCsWhen I was in kindergarten back at Apollo Elementary in the mid-1980s, my classmates and I learned the alphabet with The Letter People, a collection of twenty-six charismatic characters that represented each letter of the alphabet with inflatable figures, stories, and songs.  For some reason I'm reminded of them after watching the latest installment of Once Upon A Pixel in which the Robot Masters from Capcom's Mega Man franchise teach the alphabet in the style of an old educational film strip for children.  This charming production is seriously channeling the soul of Alphabet Antics turned up to eleven. 


Learning with Cut Man and Air Man is ever so fun; the Letter People of old have truly been outdone.  There's plenty of representatives from the Mega Man clan, but why is Crash Man swooning at Proto Man?  A few Mavericks and heroes from Mega Man X fill in the gaps, as without them the whole idea would surely collapse.  This animation is too adorable to not watch again, but who in the hell is Ukulele Man?

(via Kombo)