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Project Needlemouse Trailer Has Nothing To Do With Actual Game

Project NeedlemouseRemember that trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog's supposed return-to-glory in the tentatively titled "Project Needlemouse"?  The one with the golden hedgehog silhouette that plenty of people took to mean that the original Sega Genesis game's formula was being resurrected?  Don't read too much into that after all.  As it turns out, the team over at Integrated Alchemy Media that created the trailer had nothing from Sega to work with, hence why that trailer really shows us nothing substantial at all.  Kombo has the details:

"SEGA came to Integrated Alchemy Media without a game, without a title, without a logo, without a character, and with a challenge: Make fans of Sonic the Hedgehog excited about his return in the game you’re not going to show. We had one week."

So that apparently updated Sonic silhouette actually means nothing. Hmm, OK. Good to know.  If Integrated Alchemy Media didn't have any artwork to reference, then they created that image independently and it doesn't actually come from the "Needlemouse" game.  It looks like it's back to square one on what we think we know about the project.  Or, as Kombo's Lucas DeWoody says:

So the artwork means nothing, and the entire appeal of this new Sonic game has now been called into question? That's a REALLY dick move on their part. Yeah, I think there's a good chance that the fans (speaking of myself here) just got set up for another disappointment. Sega: The Ultimate Cocktease. Anticipation reset back to zero until we see something real.

Who knows?  "Project Needlemouse" may actually be all about Pikachu in a sombrero after all.