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Microsoft Xbox 360 I've never understood the need to fly with a video game console packed in my luggage (isn't that what handheld systems are for?), but those who decide to lug their Microsoft Xbox 360 or other console through the friendly skies must first get the system past the unfriendly security agents working in the airport terminal.  The Consumerist has a tale of one unfortunate passenger who reached his destination via US Airways and discovered that his checked Xbox 360 had been dismantled by airport personnel.  Well, that's a new one.

Adam writes, "I was flying out of Logan Airport and I checked my XBOX 360 in my baggage. The agent assured me that there would be no problem with it. When I got home my I found that they had put a little ziploc bag on top of my things, and the bag was filled with tiny metal components that used to be in the XBOX. It's broken now and they're telling me tough luck. Any advice?"

I'm guessing poor Adam is in for a round of back-and-forth with the airline that will lead to nothing unless, of course, the Internet bands together to shame US Airways into taking action if action is truly warranted (the story is lacking in proof and we Internet folk are a skeptical lot).  While this isn't helpful advice for Adam now, I'd advise not taking big box consoles on flights in our current state of security theater.  I fret enough about getting my Nintendo DS through the security check as it is.  I can't imagine the stress of worrying about a console traveling alone in checked baggage for several hours worth of travel time.