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Lisa Simpson Buys A "Funtendo Zii"

Funtendo ZiiThe Simpsons went to the video game well last night for the B-story of the "Million Dollar Maybe" episode as Lisa Simpson decided to buy that self-powered experience approximater, a "Funtendo Zii",  for her grandfather and the other residents of Springfield Retirement Castle.  Check out this little tale in four parts as the old folks learn the joys of playing tennis in Zii Sports and regain their youthful enthusiasm.  As a bonus, don't miss Mr. Burns expressing some confusion while playing a Call of Duty-type game.  Hulu has the clips.

Considering that none of the old folks playing the Zii were using wrist straps or remote jackets, I was expecting the fun to come to an end with a stray remote crashing into the television.  The show obviously decided to rebrand Nintendo's Wii into a fictional counterpart to avoid disparaging the real product. After all, the real Wii actually is dishwasher safe. Try it!*  Maybe it's for the best that the retirement home got out of the Zii business before they grew tired of Zii Sports.  Have you ever looked at a list of Wii games by rating?  I'd imagine that the Zii library is packed with even more third-party shovelware, and we all know how clueless new gamers can be when it comes to purchasing responsibly.

* Do not try it.