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Kombo Breaker - Episode 57: Phil Kollar Joins Us to Talk This Decade in Gaming

Kombo BreakerAs January turns the halfway point it's time to stop looking back over 2009 and instead turn our retrospective attentions to the entire previous decade.  This week on Kombo Breaker we review some of the biggest news stories from 2000-2009 with friend of the show Phil Kollar of Game Informer.  We hit such topics as Sega leaving the console business after the Dreamcast, Microsoft entering it with the Xbox, and Nintendo redefining it with the Wii.  As if that weren't enough, we have a companion article that briefly covers some of the events that didn't make it into the show such as the downfall of Sonic the Hedgehog and Microsoft acquiring Nintendo's former darling developer, Rareware.  We're also saying goodbye to our own Dan Johnson this week as he heads overseas for new opportunities.  Download this week's show directly from Kombo or subscribe via iTunes.