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Desktop Wallpaper Offers Eternal Choice

Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt If you're like me, then the very first image you saw after turning on your brand new Nintendo Entertainment System was the menu screen in which you're expected to choose between Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt.  Such a classic moment deserves suitable desktop wallpaper for your various digital devices, so David Oxford of Kombo and Poison Mushroom has put together a little something to commemorate the eternal choice.

The resolution used here is 1024 x 768, but with a black outline, adjusting the size should not be difficult. Here is the one I have set up on mine, taken from the start-up screen of the game which came with my first NES, Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt:

Head over to Poison Mushroom to download your preferred variation (centered or indented).  Incidentally, the choice may go on forever, but the answer is simple: Super Mario Bros.  You'd be surprised how often the correct answer in life is Super Mario Bros.