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Violence FightAiming to take on arcade brawlers such as Street Fighter, Final Fight, and Double Dragon back in 1989, Taito unleashed the final word in arcade titles with baffling names: Violence Fight!  Yes, it's Violence Fight, the game where the mafia, reckless drivers, and general businessmen compete to become the "No. 1 Quarreler" in a series of violent fights.  Choose from four larger-than-life titans such as Bat Blue and Ben Smith to take on competitors from all over the United States who are "speaking boastingly of their strength".  Prepare yourself for Violence Fight!

Taito's 1989 alley brawler beat 'em up Violence Fight remains a classic of the genre - if the genre in question is 'shit arcade games that sank without trace'. Stagger slowly around dull, samey levels! Mash at the unresponsive controls to perform as many as four or five moves! Struggle to comprehend the poorly localised text!

My favourite part of Violence Fight, ('favourite' here operating in a purely technical capacity, as it might in sentences such as 'my favourite STD' or 'my favourite suppurating head wound') are the big comic sound effects that appear whenever you land a blow that knocks your opponent over. GOGON! BOGON!

I can't stop giggling like an idiot at the title "Violence Fight".  You have to admit that it tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the game.  Taito tried again in 1992 with a sequel, Violence Fight II, but considering that we haven't heard of plans for Super Violence Fight or Violence Fight HD Remix, you can probably figure out why we haven't heard of this fighting game franchise again or, perhaps, ever.

(via Reddit)